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High-Quality Gynae Injections – Quality has been the main benefactor when working with Adorefem. The injection medicines have been prepared in GMP & WHO units. Using the best APIs and combination of techniques, we deliver drug parenteral injectables that are effective, safe and durable in nature. We bring a constant introduction of high-quality gynae injection medicines for our business associates to enjoy. Our drugs are used to cure heavy menstrual bleeding, hormonal imbalance, increase fertility used in hormone replacement therapy.

Efficiency in drug administration has been a core benefactor of Adorefem. Our fertility medicines have been prepared using best APIs under international standards. We bring high-quality gynae injection medicines for distribution business in India covering all the states and major cities like Chandigarh, Chennai, Bangalore, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh etc. Our pharma tablets endorse different medication of progestin, Aromatase inhibitor etc. If you are wondering whether to invest in gynaecology range medicines, then surely our company offers the best.

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Best Business Opportunities in Gynaecology Injection Range

By way of injecting in muscles or veins, injection medicines have come a long way distinguishing its demands on different platforms. Embracing the greater demand for effective and quicker administration in patients, injectables have become a boon for people who sort for quality, efficient and safe drug solution. Adorefem brings you multiple gynaecology medicines that are used in different therapies of enhancing women reproductive health and sexual health. Our injection medicines include drugs like:

Natural Micronised Progesterone: It is used in hormone replacement therapy in women who do not produce enough progesterone. This medicine helps in the treatment of menopause symptoms and reduces the risk of uterus cancer. They are successfully used as contraceptives and balance the menstrual cycle if you are facing disorder due to hormonal imbalance. The drug administrates by changing endometrium to some level and reduces the level of estrogen in the uterus.

Tranexamic: The drug is used to prevent and stop heavy bleeding or blood loss. This prevents the blood clots from further breakdown which on other hand reduced bleeding. Women who are facing heavy menstrual and abnormal bleeding have prescribed this medicine. The injection is injected into veins and offer safe medication to patients.

There are more to the list depending on the drug usage and quantity. Our company manages to bring the best of gynecology injection medicines range that are prepared using best APIs and standards. We have been frequently adding new drugs to our list due to on-going demand for our products. Therefore, bring good business to people across India.

Quality Measurements Adopted To Ensure Effective Gynae Injectable Solution

Being specific about quality affairs has been a mission of Adorefem! Our company is quite sophisticated and professional when it comes to the development and production of gynaecology medicines. We have been a trusted name in the market for offering fine gynaecology and fertility medicines for men and women. Our injection medicines are prepared using world class machines and equipment that are used par international standards. You will enjoy a vast range of medicines which is our promise. To ensure that you are getting high-quality injection medicines for gynaecology use, we have adopted the following quality standards:

  1. We use pure and filtered that is chemically treated and met with all the drinking standards that are safe to be used for consumption and body.
  2. The chemical process of mixing API drug combination into liquid is under the guidance of experts who have years of experience in formulating injection medicines.
  3. Different stages of production phases are well maintained by skilled manpower. We have sources our intellectuals having the best of the knowledge and skills.
  4. The containers or Vial containers used to store injection medicines are first sterilized checked for defaults and any deviation caused to the drug due to container material or outer factors is checked.
  5. All the decreasing factors are eliminated during the process which brings us better features of efficiency, affectivity, quality and safety in results.

Become An Associate Through Business Opportunity for Injection Medicines

Adorefem is happy to have you as our distributor and business partner. We specialized wholly in gynaecology and fertility medicines. If you look to start your own business in this drug market or want to expand your current business to extended markets then Adorefem brings you a golden chance. Our business opportunities are open to all the states and cities of India. The perks of being our associate are as follows:

  1. Monopoly rights to everyone.
  2. Marketing and promotional tool support from the company.
  3. Exciting offers and multiple benefits all the year round etc.
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