We Think quality is not achieved by doing different things.It is achieved by doing things differently.The totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bears on its ability to satisfy given needs.


To Serve our customer by Producing the Largest quality Pharma Ceutical Products. Trust and professionalism are the underlying principles of our work. We contribute to development of healthcare system, offering latest research results.


We provide services for Gynaecology, a branch of healthcare segment that deals with the issues of Women’s Healthcare, particularly in the female reproductive system. This includes the pregnancy and child birth, menstruation and fertility.


Adorefem provides quality products and extensive sales and marketing capabilities sets us apart from our competitors. We specialize exclusively in Drug Safety: that is our primary strength. A strong set of values and passionate...


Welcome To Adorefem

Adorefem ‘A Superspecialty Gynecological & Infertility Medicines Company'

It was 2009 when our Pharma Company came into existence, and since then delivering the high quality of Infertility and gynecological medicines & products has been one of our prime mottos.

Adorefem is a leading pharmaceutical company in India, catering to a wide spectrum of healthcare needs and adhering to WHO CGMP systems. The pharma products we provide to our distributors work through the ethical model. Being an ISO Certified Company, we always maintain high standards while manufacturing medicines. Our medicines are produced with the purpose to make people healthier and happier. Hence, it makes one of the most reliable gyne pharma companies in India.

Gynaec Product Range

Adorefem is dedicated to the best Gynaec products management and wellbeing of the women. We are committing our expertise with the research focus on finding the top innovative solutions to major female health challenges beginning from menarche to menopause . We are using the unique innovations and latest technologies to manage the challenging healthcare conditions. We strive in building faith at every step of your journey from menarche to menopause.
There are many different Gynaec or Gynaecology products which can help you to improve your major health issues. We have a wide range of medications available like capsules, tablets, vitamins, antibiotics etc.

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    Infertility / IVF Range

    Adorefem is dedicated to women care and focus in the male and female fertility management and wellbeing of the women. We are finding the innovative solutions to major public health challenges like male and female fertility, postmenopause disorders, PCOS, etc with the research. There are many products which are available in the market and the products can be pricey as well, especially if they need to be used over the span a time. There are a number of great fertility products which can increase your chances of conceiving without the professional medical intervention. Here we have a broad range of medicines such as capsules, injectables, syrups, tablets, vitamins, and antibiotics etc.

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    Our Products

    Why Choose Adorefem for Gynecology & Infertility Medicines Range?

    Soaring demand for effective infertility and gyne medicines have seen uproar in last few decades. Owning a business here brings waves of profits for you. Adorefem is one of the few Pharmaceuticals Companies in India, to completely specialize in women healthcare drugs covering gynecology products to male/female infertility products. We have been dedicating our full potential to bring medicines that bring good results to your reproductive health and sexual wellbeing. The key elements that make us the best are:

    • Exclusive rights for distribution business ventures across India.
    • Reasonably prices products range.
    • Marketing support provided to associates.
    • DCGI approved GMP –WHO manufactured Products.
    • Trusted by Gynecologists & Doctors around the nation.
    • Assured growth with additional products being added frequently.
    • Budget-friendly marketing deal PAN India.
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