Natural Micronised Progesterone 200mg injection

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Corpogest-200 Injection

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Corpogest-200 injection is composed of natural salt called progesterone which is found in females. It is basically female sex hormone which is responsible for the normal functioning of uterus, menstrual cycle, and fertility. The progesterone hormone plays a significant role in fertilizing the egg for pregnancy.

Corpogest-200 injection is basically an artificial way of injecting progesterone in females suffering from irregular menses and infertility. Corpogest-200 contains natural minimized progesterone which mimics the action of progesterone in females and is used to cure a number of gynecological ailments in women. It comes in quantity of 2ml blister packaging. 


Corpogest-200 replenishes the female hormone and regulates the normal functioning of uterus, menses, and fertility. It can be used to-

  • Cure menstrual disorders- Women suffering from irregular menstrual cycle or abnormal bleeding are recommended this injection. 
  • Infertility- This injection is also used to increase the chances of fertility. It is mainly used in IVF(In-vitro fertilization).
  • Hormonal imbalance- It also helps to cure abnormal bleeding, painful bleeding during menses occurred due to hormonal imbalance.
  • Prevent miscarriage- It helps to prevent miscarriage chances in women who already have undergone a miscarriage.


  • Increased risk of breast cancer and heart diseases
  • Joint pain
  • Unexpected vaginal bleeding
  • Dizziness and depression
  • Mood swings
  • Headache
  • Breast Pain and tenderness
  • Urine problems and vaginal discharge 


It should be avoided in case if a patient-

  • is allergic to progesterone or similar drugs.
  • have or had breast/urine cancer, or if even someone from the family had it.
  • experiences abnormal vaginal bleeding
  • has heart disease or ever had been cured from heart disease.
  • Is suffering from kidney or liver disorder
  • has bleeding in your brain or stroke
  • is breastfeeding or pregnant


It should not be self injected and must be done by a doctor or nurse. Overdose of this can result in serious problems like cancer and heart diseases. Therefore, safe use of this injection is a must.

Storage and disposal of Corpogest-200mg Injection

  • Store below 25°C
  • Please keep it away from children 
  • An injection should not be reused. Needle must be destroyed and then disposed of.
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