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Corpogest-Depot 250 Injection

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Hydroxyprogesterone Injection – Corpogest-Depot 250 Injection is a type of progestin, a synthetic form of the female hormone progesterone that’s used to delay labour. Premature membrane rupture, high blood pressure during pregnancy (pre-eclampsia), and a poor diet can all lead to the onset of labour before 37 full weeks of pregnancy. The vagina may leak or bleed, there may be pressure in the pelvic, and there may be regular cramps that resemble menstruation cramps.

It contains “Hydroxyprogesterone,” a progestin (female hormones) that controls a woman’s immunological response during pregnancy to prevent rejection and enable the embryo to attach to the uterus. In pregnant women who have previously had early labour, hydroxyprogesterone helps reduce the risk of premature birth and prevents miscarriage. Only pregnant women who are carrying one baby or who have previously experienced a preterm (premature) delivery of one baby should be given hydroxyprogesterone.

Uses of Hydroxyprogesterone Injection

Hydroxyprogesterone Injection is a synthetic, injectable variant of the female hormone progesterone that reduces the chance of premature delivery, especially in women who have experienced this issue in a previous pregnancy. A hormone called progesterone thickens the uterine lining and primes it for the development and growth of the unborn child. Therefore, it promotes uterine growth throughout pregnancy and stops any contractions that may otherwise result in miscarriage.

Hydroxyprogesterone Injection Side effects

Hydroxyprogesterone Injection is a progestin, which has very rare chance of showing any kind of side effects. In case you feel any side effects arising, you can consult with your doctor and use it as per further recommendations. Some common side effects of Hydroxyprogesterone Injection are:

  • Injection site pain
  • Swelling in the face, lips, tongue, or throat
  • Diarrhoea
  • Injection site swelling
  • Red spots or bumps

Precaution To Be Taken

Hydroxyprogesterone should not be taken without a doctor’s prescription. If you have a medication allergy, please let your doctor know before taking Hydroxyprogesterone. If you have a history of breast, uterine, or vaginal cancer, liver illness, severe hypertension (high blood pressure), atypical vaginal bleeding unrelated to pregnancy, or liver disease, you should not use Hydroxyprogesterone.

Preeclampsia (high blood pressure during pregnancy), thromboembolic illnesses (blood clots form in the blood), diabetes, depression, or epilepsy should all be disclosed to your doctor before the procedure. Hydroxyprogesterone can make you feel groggy and sleepy. When operating a motor vehicle, proceed with caution if you feel lightheaded or sleepy.

If you are a breastfeeding mother, tell your doctor. Before giving you a prescription, your doctor will consider the advantages and any possible hazards. Children under the age of 16 should not use Hydroxyprogesterone. It is not recommended to use Hydroxyprogesterone during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Direction To Use

As this is in injection form, it is better if administered by a practising doctor or a medical professional. Self-administration can be harmful unless you know the correct method.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hydroxyprogesterone Injection cause dizziness?

Driving should only be done when you are attentive considering Hydroxyprogesterone can make you lightheaded. Avoid operating machinery or driving if you are dizzy.

Is Hydroxyprogesterone Injection a cause of gaining weight?

Hydroxyprogesterone might make you gain weight. It might result from water retention. Please see your doctor if you notice that you are gaining a lot of weight while taking Hydroxyprogesterone.

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