Gynaecology Pharma Company in Chennai

gynaecology pharma company in chennai

Gynaecology Pharma Company in Chennai – Gynaecology medicines helps women to deal with healthcare challenges. The demand for women healthcare has increased from the past many years with the help of government support. Adorefem is the leading company in gynae range as it has also Gynaecology Pharma Company in Chennai. The company offers a wide range of medicines like capsules, tablets, injections, vitamins, antibiotics, protein powder etc. Best business opportunities are offered here at monopoly basis for multiple gyne to infertility drug range. 

In Chennai, the gynae market is increasing as the women are getting more aware and concerned about their reproductive health. Gynecology drug market gives you numerous opportunity as it has a good market presence. Adorefem’ Gynaecology Pharma Company in Chennai is known for delivering high-quality infertility and gynecological medicines. All the products are delivered under WHO and GMP production units. Gynecology medicines are used to treat menopause symptoms, PCOD medication, abnormal uterine bleeding, and irregular menstrual problems etc. By joining hands with our company, you will get marketing or promotional support, affordable price, incentive schemes and the chance to make a good marketing presence.

Gynaecology Pharma Company in Chennai

To know more in detail about the Gynaecology, IVF In Vitro Fertilization and infertility products range. Contact us at +91-9877530744, +91-9417466020 and you can also email us at We believe in having a hassle-free conversation with our clients.

Demand for Gynaecology Medicine in Chennai

Many pharmaceutical companies are engaged in Chennai (Tamil Nadu). As the healthcare problems are now considered as the top most priority, the demand of gynae medicines is on strike. Chennai provides a wide business startup and expansion. This business gives a good profit margin as the people are spending on the betterment of women healthcare. The business venture of gynecology gives you a golden chance to earn more and have a great career ahead. Here are some benefits of investing in gynecology drug market are listed below:

  • The rise in demand for gynecology and women healthcare needs.
  • This pharma business gives a good profitable venture to the beginners and professionals.
  • The demand for distribution is good which give you a great scope in near future.

Leading Pharma Company for Gynaecology Range Business

Our company provides you quality drug formulation for business. We are ISO certified pharma company have a wide range of gynecology, IVF and infertility medicines. With the help of a team of experts and professionals, we are the top manufacturer. Our motive is to meet the customer’s needs and wants of gynae medicines. Collaborate with us to get the genuine deals and earn well in this segment. We invite the professionals and pharma people who have strong determination to have a business in gynecology market. The following benefits listed below that make our company the best from all:

  1. All products are offered at reasonable prices.
  2. Use of advanced technology and new manufacturing process have been adopted by the company.
  3. Manufacturing of all the products is under WHO and GMP.
  4. Sophisticated infrastructure facility.
  5. The company follows all the strict quality parameters.

High-Quality Range of Gynaecology Products

We are the best gynecology company in India that offer multiple ranges of medicines in almost all the states and areas of India. Our company is a specialist in gynecology and infertility range. Our medicines range includes tablets, capsules, syrups, injection, gels, softgels etc. All the manufacturing is DCGI approved. We ensure that the products are manufactured under germ-free and safe environment. Here is a list of gynecology products offered by our company:

  • E2Care – This medicine is a mixture of natural products, i.e. Phlomis Umbrosa, Angelica gigas, Cynanchun wilfordii.
  • Beta Estradiol Gel – This medicine is used for replacement of hormones therapy. It is used to treat various gynae disorders like itching, dryness, inflammation and burning in the vagina etc.
  • Aptcal – It is a combination of vitamin D3, Zinc and coral calcium that is used for the treatment of fractures, pregnancy, post-menopausal osteoporosis and as well as old age.
  • Hydroxy Progesterone – This drug helps in preventing the chance of preterm birth. This medicine also improves the mental disorders that cause due to change in hormones.
  • Natural Micronised Progesterone – For those women who are facing menopause symptoms, this medication helps them to deal with hormonal changes.
  • Clomiphene – Women who do not ovulate, this medicine helps them. It helps in treating infertility in females and those facing polycystic ovary syndromes.

Why Choose Adorefem for Gynecology Business?

Gynecology business is the most approaching business as its growth is increasing over the years. If you have potential and strong determination in you then go for Adorefem, the specialist in gynecology medicines. We are the reputed company and customers rely on us because of our quality range of products. perks of being collaborating with us:

  • Profitable Business
  • Good Incentives for associates
  • Promotional and Marketing support
  • Vast network for delivering the order timely.

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