Tranexamic Acid Injection Brands in India

Tranexamic Acid Injection Brands in India – Tranexamic acid injection has made significant progress in medical applications in India. It is initially recognized for its effectiveness in controlling bleeding during surgery and trauma. In India, the introduction of Tranexamic injection revolutionized the management of blood disorders and surgical procedures. Adorefem presents the top Tranexamic Acid Injections Brands in India.  

The drug’s safety profile and cost-effectiveness have encouraged its widespread use and integration into standard clinical practice in Indian health services. The drug’s mechanism of action, which involves inhibition of fibrinolysis, is critical in reducing blood loss and transfusion requirements in surgeries ranging from orthopedic procedures to heart surgery. Its use extends beyond the operating room and is suitable for obstetrics, gynecology, and even for the treatment of traumatic bleeding in emergencies.

#1. Xiama Injection 

Composition: Tranexamic Acid 500mg (5ml)

Xiama Injection is a well-known brand of tranexamic acid injection manufactured by Adorefem in India. It is used to control or prevent excessive or abnormal bleeding in conditions such as heavy periods, nosebleeds, cervical surgery, bladder surgery, prostate surgery, intraocular bleeding, and dental procedures in patients with hemophilia. Xiama injection contains 500 mg of tranexam, which is used to treat several problems including prostatectomy, bladder surgery, menstrual pain, and nosebleeds. Tranexamic acid injection is an antifibrinolytic agent. It prevents the breakdown of blood clots and fibrinolysis by preventing the breakdown of fibrin. This helps the blood clots stay where they need to be. It also relieves menstrual cramps.

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#2. Tranlok     

Composition: Tranexamic Acid(500.0 Mg)

Tranlok Injection is another trusted brand produced by the most famous company Sun Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. Tranlok Injection consists of the active ingredient tranexamic acid. It is used to reduce excessive bleeding during menstruation, to reduce heavy blood loss during or after surgery, internal bleeding, and tooth extraction. In short, the Tranlok injection works by controlling excessive bleeding from the body.

Sun Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd adheres to strict ethical and moral standards. Sun Pharma has grown into one of the largest generic drug companies in the world. The company is the country’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor. The company constantly strives to discover and innovate new ideas and technologies to meet the unsatisfied health demands of society. 

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#3. Trenaxa   

Composition: Tranexamic acid and Mefenamic acid (5ml)

Trenaxa 500 stops blood clots from breaking and is used to stop bleeding in diseases or conditions that cause excessive bleeding, such as menstruation (menstruation), surgical procedures, epistaxis, and internal bleeding. The main task of this drug is to prevent excessive blood flow from the body. It is known to reduce heavy periods by improving blood clotting. It usually starts showing its effect within 1-2 hours.

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#4. Tranexa     

Composition: Tranexamic Acid

Tranexa Injection is an injection manufactured by Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. It belongs to the class of antifibrinolytic agents. Tranexamic acid helps the body’s natural blood clotting process by preventing the breakdown of fibrin and stopping fibrinolysis, the process that prevents the formation of blood clots. The binding of this receptor prevents the binding of plasmin and ultimately stabilizes the fibrin matrix.

Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. focuses on responding to various injection needs and providing stably affordable and high-quality products. The company has skilled professionals who enthusiastically and empathetically understand the societies in which the company deals. Their goal and aspiration have always been to attract the best talent and provide a supportive workplace that promotes versatile productivity. 

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#5. Transamin     

Composition: Tranexamic Acid

Transamine injection treats pulmonary bleeding, epistaxis, vaginal bleeding or menstrual bleeding Kidney bleeding, and irregular bleeding during or after prostate surgery. In addition, some of the effects of Transamine are not listed on the approved medication label, but your doctor may prescribe it to treat certain conditions and other conditions. It slows down or prevents blood clots from dissolving.

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The demand for tranexamic acid injections in India is very high and growing extensively. This list includes the most popular brands of injectable tranexamic acid in India that are well-known and highly recommended in the pharmaceutical industry. If you are interested in starting a pharmaceutical business, you can choose a company from the list according to your needs. These companies offer several business benefits at affordable prices. 

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