Top Gynaecology Companies in India

top gynaecology companies in india

Top Gynaecology Companies in India – Women’s healthcare has been a subject of buzz in the pharmaceutical sector. Gynae-related medical problems are increasing day by day and the lives of a vast span of people are getting affected, by tackling this problem.  With more demand pouring in, the gynae drug market is establishing itself as an important segment, those in requisite, look for business opportunities in this drug segment and initialize with the best companies.

Working with the best ensures you good success, support and an established business in the gynae drug range. When working with a recognized brand, ensuring quality services is a must. When looking for multiple companies in the same niche, thorough research and accurate knowledge are needed. The whole process is sophisticated, Adorefem helps in determining and choosing the best prospect for you. We share with you a list of top gynaecology companies in India which offer you a variety of fine-quality obstetric & gynaecological medicines/ products range for the business.

List of Top Gynaecology Companies in India

Become a part of the mushrooming drug segment of the pharmaceuticals segments which is witnessing double-digit growth in the past few years. The business ventures are making a good profit in this line and you could even earn a good fortune. It’s a  initiative in the field of Gyne, to lead a prosperous career in the medicinal sector. Top Gynaecology Companies in India looking to tie up and explore their potential in this field necessarily must possess the exact knowledge regarding which company should be chosen as their helping asset.

Adorefem comes a long way to help you in this venture and display the whole picture so that you can have an open mind and take an independent decision. All the prominent brands are listed so that there is total clarity. Take a look at the top 10 gynaecology companies in India to bring you quality drug solutions and opportunities that might change your life forever.

S. No Top Gynaecology Companies in India Key Highlights
1 Adorefem  ISO, WHO, CGMP Certified and Never compromise on the quality
2 Adorshea ISO Certified, Uses unique innovations & technology, Builds step at every journey
3 Zivore Lifecare WHO, GMP, ISO Certified and DCGI Approved 
4 Medibyte Cost-Effective Techniques –  GMP & WHO Certified – Has 300+ range of medicines – 12+ years of experience
5 Pax Healthcare  Received Udyog Patra Award  
6 Amzor Healthcare  1280+ Medical Stores
7 H.L. Healthcare  WHO GMP compliance-certified units
8 Moruf Lifesciences ISO, GMP & WHO Certified
9 Femcorp Offers Gynae medicines which are of good quality
10 Kabir Lifesciences Has State of the art manufacturing units

Adorefem – Leading Gynaecology Company in India

Adorefem – Top Gynaecology Company in India

The best-trusted name and one of the Top Gynaecology Companies in India and infertility products in India is Adorefem. The company specializes in gyne and fertility/IVF range. They cover a wide range of tablets, capsules, injectables, syrups, soft gels etc. You will get medicines for quality women’s healthcare. Adorefem is committed to bringing quality drug solutions that solve women’s reproductive health. Genuine and affordable business opportunities are offered by the company across India. If you certainly want to do business in the gynaecology division then Adorefem is the name to trust.

  • A wide network of distribution partners to make delivery faster and more reliable.
  • Distribution opportunities are available across India with several exciting benefits.
  • Reasonable rates for all the medicines.
  • Widest collection of medicines dealing in only gynaecology range.




There are other Top Gynaecology Companies in India and ADORSHEA is one of them. It focuses on providing top-quality products for women’s health and overall well-being. We are using our knowledge and skills to study and find new ways to solve important female health problems that start when girls get their first period and continue until they stop having periods. We use new ideas and technology to handle difficult healthcare situations. We aim to strengthen trust during every stage of your journey from when you start your period to when you stop having periods.

  • Top quality products are given.
  • You will be offered a wide area for your own business with less competition. Therefore, you gain more profit.
  • Monopoly rights are given to every distributor for good business.

Zivore Lifecare

zivore lifecare

Zivore Lifecare is also Top Gynaecology Companies in India that was created as a part of Salveo Lifecare in 2008. Their main office is located in Mumbai. The parent company has more than 450 products in different areas that cover various specialities. The company’s main office is located in Chandigarh Tricity.
Zivore Lifecare is part of a company that focuses on special health needs, particularly in the areas of women’s health, infertility, nutrition, skin care, diabetes, and neurological disorders. We had an idea to help our clients who urgently need Infertility and Gynae products that are authentic and work well. In a brief amount of time, we have successfully claimed a strong place in the market.

  1. They aim at maximizing customer satisfaction. Therefore, good attention is given to the quality and efficacy of drugs.
  2. Business opportunities bring you attractive promotional schemes that will help you grow your business in your desired location.
  3. Good support was provided throughout the journey along with many benefits as an associate here.


Medibyte is a part of Dr Kumar’s organization Kumars Pharmaceuticals is a company that makes medicine. It focuses on providing advanced drug solutions. We work hard to fight against different health diseases and have released a wide range of medicines that treat them. A wide range of medicines including antibiotics, painkillers, muscle relaxants, anti-nausea drugs, digestion aid liquid, fever reducers, skin care products, products for bone and joint health, and multivitamins. Our goal is to find better ways to help people live longer and healthier lives. We are always doing new research, improving how we make things, using new technology, and being very sincere. The Company is famous for offering a chance to start a PCD Pharma Franchise in India and is also known as one of the Top Gynaecology Companies in India.

  • Value-Based Pharma Company
  • Offers Pan India Level Pharma Franchise Business

Pax Healthcare – Quality Gynaecology  Product Range

Pax Healthcare

Beaming with success is the name Pax Healthcare which is a reputed Top Gynaecology Companies in India to bring you good business ventures within the gynaecology drug market. Their drugs have been prepared using high-tech machines and devices. Fine-quality testing measurements under the superior guidance of experts have been taken.  You will not only enjoy a vast range of products list but enjoy a fine range of DCGI-approved medicines. The company provides a good support system to its associates who look for serious business in this segment. Some key features of Pax Healthcare:

  • The latest packaging styles of Alu-Alu, blister packaging, vials etc have been used by them.
  • A wide network of distribution systems across India.
  • International quality standards are followed when it comes to the manufacturing of gynae medicines.
  • Dedicated manpower and ultra-modern infrastructure make the production of medicines qualitative and effective.

Amzor Healthcare

Amzor Healthcare - gyane franchise company

Amzor Healthcare is quite a genuine company when it comes to the gynaecology medicines range. They offer multiple drug solutions that are reasonable in price. The business opportunities provided by them have been available to many and appreciated on a national level for their dedication. You will be offered promotional tools support along with medical updates on a frequent basis. The scope of growth in this market is good and you could get the healthy business that you are always searching for. This company also has a name in Top Gynaecology Companies in India

H.L. Healthcare

Hl healthcare

One of the nominees at the Indian Expo & Business Excellence Award 2018, H.L. Healthcare marked its success by winning a title. The company is a sort after the name for business opportunities. Their gynaecology range is widely appreciated and recommended. They bring an attractive range of promotional items for their business associates. Here you will get GMP & WHO certified products that are approved by the DCGI and meet top-quality standards. Owning a business at H.L. Healthcare means good profits near future.

Moruf Lifesciences

Top 10 Gynaecology Companies in India


Moruf Lifesciences is one of the best Top Gynaecology Companies in India. If you want to find the best companies in the country that make medicine for gynaecology, Moruf Life Sciences is the best choice for you. The company offers a wide range of products for women’s health and well-being specifically related to gynecology. Moruf Life Sciences is the top Gynecology Company in India, and their products are made from natural extracts, which give the best results quickly. Simply put, Moruf Life Sciences provides products that are worth the money you spend on them.

  • The company has been approved by ISO, GMP, and WHO.
  • Gynaecology products are available in different forms like tablets, injections, syrups, capsules, powders, and sachets.
  • We have modern and high-quality infrastructure that includes systems for checking quality, draining water, generating electricity, storing goods, and a department for shipping.



Femcorp is always included in the list of the top 10 gynaecology companies in India. The company’s main goal is to make and sell high-quality medicines specifically for women’s health. The company makes really good drugs using their knowledge and skills.

A person can partner with Femcorp and benefit from the growing field of gynaecological medicine. If you have been searching for a trustworthy company that makes medicine for gynaecology in India, this would be a great choice. Find out more information about the gynaecology medicine franchise by getting in touch with them.

Kabir Lifesciences


Kabir Lifesciences is one of the best Top Gynaecology Companies in India for gynaecology products. They provide high-quality products for women’s health. The company is one of the best candidates offering high-quality Gynae products that bring helpful advantages for businesses. The products offered by the company are liked and wanted by customers from all over India.

Moreover, the company has been recognized by ISO, GMP, and WHO certifications. The staff at Kabir Lifesciences makes really good products. They have a team of smart people who know a lot about medicine and they make the products in really advanced factories. They make sure to do a lot of research and testing on each product to make sure it’s really good.


Here above is the Top Gynaecology Companies in India List. According to the survey, these companies provide a good business base for those who look to specialize in gynaecological drugs and products. We hope the article about Top gynaecology  Companies in India makes your mind clear.

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