Astaxanthin+Ferrous Gluconate+Zinc Oxid+L-arginine+Pyridoxine HCI+Lycopene+FolicAcid+L-Selenomethionine.

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Fertigra-F Tablet


Astaxanthin+Ferrous Gluconate+Zinc Oxide+L-arginine+Pyridoxine HCL+Lycopene+Folic Acid+L-Selenomethionine Tablet

Fertigra-F Tablets are a blend of antioxidants, multivitamins, and multi minerals that support overall reproductive health, encourage regular ovulation, and improve female fertility naturally and securely. Numerous causes, including hormonal imbalance, anovulatory cycles, physical obstructions, insufficient hormonal production, short luteal phases, a deficiency in luteinizing hormone, excessive levels of prolactin, and many more, can contribute to infertility. 

Only a certain number of eggs are produced by a woman’s body, and only a portion of those are released during her reproductive years. Due to the limited number of eggs, which makes them particularly sensitive and vulnerable to oxidative stress, it is crucial to maintain their health to maximize the likelihood of conception and a successful pregnancy. Powerful antioxidants like L-arginine, Zinc Oxide, Selenomethionine, and Lycopene keep eggs safe during storage, release, and implantation.


The main components of this medication help in supporting the overall reproductive health of women and maintaining fertility. It improves ovarian response, oocyte quality maturation and pregnancy rates. Supplements such as folic acid help to develop the genes in the embryo while it develops. It also removes the toxic level of the chemical homocysteine, linked to miscarriage. 


  • Increase physical strength 
  • Enhances ovulation occurrence 
  • Improves uterus inner lining 
  • Balances out hormonal levels 
  • Useful for women with short luteal phase and low progesterone level 
  • Increase endurance and powerful aphrodisiac, stimulates libido for men and women 
  • Increase concentration of hormones in women, which promotes ovulation and libido 
  • Improves the overall health 
  • Supports ovarian function 

Precautions and Storage 

Tell your doctor if you have any allergic reactions to this medication’s compositions. Explain your medical history to your doctor and do not consume alcohol while taking this medication. Avoid antacids alongside this medication. Do not exceed the recommended dose prescribed by your physician. The combination should only be used in pregnancy and lactation if the benefits outweigh the risks. Store this medication at room temperature and away from direct sunlight store it in a dry place. 

Side Effects 

This medication is used for female infertility and improves the overall reproductive health of women however, some common side effects of this medication are:

  • Nausea 
  • Vomiting 
  • Headache

Frequently Asked Questions

For how long should I take Astaxanthin+Ferrous Gluconate+Zinc Oxide+L-arginine+Pyridoxine HCL+Lycopene+Folic Acid+L-Selenomethionine Tablet?

You should take this medication as your doctor prescribes once or twice a day. 

Is there any drug interaction with Astaxanthin+Ferrous Gluconate+Zinc Oxide+L-arginine+Pyridoxine HCL+Lycopene+Folic Acid+L-Selenomethionine Tablet?

Yes, do not take any type of antacids while taking this medication. Because of the composition of this medicine, antacids may react.

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