Fertigra-F Tablet

Astaxanthin+Ferrous Gluconate+Zinc Oxid+L-arginine+Pyridoxine HCI+Lycopene+FolicAcid+L-Selenomethionine.


Fertigra-F is a mélangeof antioxidant, multivitamins &minerals that combat oxidative stress associated female infertility by improving ovarian response, oocyte quality &maturation &pregnancy rates. Common salts used in this composition are Astaxanthin, Ferrous Gluconate, Zinc Oxid, L-arginine, Pyridoxine HCI, lycopene, folic acid, L-Selenomethionine. Fertig-F is a mélange of cancer prevention agent, multivitamins & minerals that battle oxidative pressure-related female fruitlessness by improving ovarian reaction. We advise you to once get connect with a doctor before taking this product.