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Female Infertility Products Distribution Business – Adorefem is a well-known pharmaceutical Company for Infertility medicines.  The decreasing female fertility rates have led to a rise in demand for IVF and Infertility drugs in India. People have gotten more aware of their sexual health as they are investing in more infertility drugs to increase their chances of pregnancy. Our company has state of art manufacturing facilities which are facilitated by WHO-GMP units that makes our products as safe and reliable to use for infertility issues faced by female. These include natural micronized progesterone tablets, estradiol hemihydrate tablets, cabergoline tablets, vaginal wash, abortion pills, PCOS medicines, hormone therapy drugs, etc.

If you want to invest in the infertility pharma business then it presents you with various options which offer you the best Gynecology, IVF, and also various business ideas for fertility. Offering the widest range of IVF fertility drugs for men and women, Adorefem is a trusted ISO best Infertility Medicines Company in India. With over 200+ associates, we’re providing exclusive rights to infertility drug distribution/ wholesale/ marketing businesses at affordable investment plans.

Female Infertility Products Distribution Business

We’re open to calls at- +91-9417466020 and discuss the business benefits and features.

Top Infertility Pharma Company in India – Adorefem

Our company is an ISO-certified company with our main focus on improving the sexual wellbeing of females. Adorefem brings a lot of variety when concerned about infertility issues as our company provides an extensive range of fertility drugs and IVF range. We provide high-end products and also our formulations are focused on Gynae and fertility products. Our motto has been always that our products maintain higher efficacy for better results as customer satisfaction is necessary. Our medicines are designed in such a way that they increase the chances of pregnancy by improving the fertility status of both females. The best part of associating our Adorefem is that we completely deal in only IVF and Infertility range. Thus, it ensures you the best business growth. Now let us have a look at features of our company:-

  • All of our products are manufactured under WHO-GMP guidelines
  • DCGI Approved Formulations
  • Wide Network of Logistic Partners
  • 200+ Associates across Pan India
  • Recommendations from best Gynecologists and Sexologists
  • We have our association with thousands of medical professionals across PAN India

Wide Variety of Formulations offered in IVF & Fertility Range at Adorefem

Get the best quality infertility range for the pharma business at the best rates! All the products offered here are DCGI approved. They are manufactured under strict international guidelines maintaining the highest quality and efficacy. We have covered different ranges – natural micronized progesterone, cabergoline tablets, cholecalciferol, ormeloxifene, vaginal wash, letrozole, etc.

  1. Coenzyme Q: A vitamin-like substance that helps enhances male and female fertility. It will help improve sperm health and egg quality for increasing chances of pregnancy.
  2. D- chiro-inositol: The drug is helpful for those women having polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and having difficulty conceiving. This will help you improve your fertility and increases the chances of the baby.
  3. Dienogest:  A contraceptive used to prevent ovulation, it a progestin medication that is also used to treat endometriosis, heavy periods, and menopausal hormone therapy
  4. Dopoxetine: An antidepressant medicine, it is for males above the age of 18 who face the sexual problem of premature ejaculation. This drug is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) which has a short effect.
  5. Green Tea Ext. (EGCG): This natural extract has oxidative properties which help improve the health and count of sperm in males. The green tea catechins have a positive effect on oxidative stress on female fertility.

Various Quality policies adapted by Adorefem for Infertility Drugs

We always used pure and safe ingredients for our manufacturing as we import the best raw material from certified vendors. We have the best quality control team provided within the infrastructure that supervises at every stage the quality of our fertility products. We always follow the international norms and remains within the guidelines adopted by our company. We use total quality management for providing the best quality to our product and even at the time of delivering our product we give a final run of the quality check so that when our product reaches to patient there won’t be any problem of negative feedback. We focus on our range, variety, testing volumes and also give importance to the lot size as we transport our products in demand. Our quality administrations consist of foreman, quality control engineers, supervisors, technicians, etc.

  • Infertility drugs are manufacturing by using modern method techniques.
  • All formulations are provided inside the best packaging.
  • Association with WHO, GLP, GMP helps us to retain international standards
  • All drugs including new formulation are approved by DCGI
  • High-Quality innovative minds and the latest machinery are used in providing these formulations.
  • Each drug is tested with stringent quality control to provide efficacy.

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