Argirisec- Tablet

L-Citrulline250mg+L-Argnine 750mg.


It is a combination of amino acids (L-arginine &L-citrulline) that help in reducing both systolic &diastolic BP associated with pregnancy, improves uterine artery pulsatility indices &vascular functions. L-citrulline is used for sickle cell disease, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure in the lungs, and many other conditions. L-citrulline is a rich source of amino acid and helps in building protein in the body. Helps in increasing the efficiency of a body and cultivates strength in men for sexual power. These tablets are always taken with the approval of a physician and must be taken in limited quantities. The packaging size of this product is the same as 1*10 and comes in alu alu packaging type.

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