Ferrous Bisglycinate60mg+Folic Acid.1mg+Zinc Bisglycinate15mg+Methylcobalamin.500mcg

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Ferrous Bisglycinate60mg+Folic Acid.1mg+Zinc Bisglycinate15mg+Methylcobalamin is a mixture of four drugs. All these drugs work as an antibiotic. It helps to increase the iron in the human body which is good for new blood cells and hemoglobin as well. Zinc Bisglycinate is a dietary supplement that provides important nutrients.  Vitamin B in the form of folic acid. The production of red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout the body, depends on it.

Vitamin B12 is the form of methylcobalamin drug. That helps to fight certain anemias and never problems. These three drugs help to improve your whole body’s health if you are using this medicine in the right direction. If you use this drug with the right guidance you will get fast results. The best point of this drug is that it has very few side effects. These drugs have more benefits rather than side effects. 

Directions of Use

If you want to use this Medicine, firstly you need to take advice from your doctor. We do not recommend you use this drug for a long time and please do not take it in high amounts. This is an oral medicine. You can take this medicine from your mouth with a full glass of normal water. You need to store this medicine at room temperature. For best results please make sure to take a consultation with your doctor.

Side effects

Like all dietary supplements, there are Common side effects that may include:

  • Depression of feeling excited or irritable.
  • Bloating, Stomach pain, Gas
  • Sour taste in your mouth
  • Sleep problems
  • Headache
  • Dizziness

If you feel any of these side effects, please stop this medicine and please take advice from your doctor.

Benefits of the Medication

  • Before you take this medicine you need to understand the benefits.
  • Boost your immune system – If you take this medicine it will help you to boost your immune system. Because zinc is essential for our immunity that can help to fight infection problems.
  • Anaemia prevention and treatment – In this medicine, you will get iron for your body and iron is very important to produce new blood cells and hemoglobin.
  • Which carries oxygen in your body. This medicine is help you to prevent anemia.
  • Supporting fetal development: Folic acid is very important for the proper development of the fetus during pregnancy and can help to prevent birth defects.
  • Improving cognitive function: methylcobalamin drug is the form of Vitamin B12 that helps you to improve cognitive function in your body.


  • If you have any of the following conditions, you should consult your doctor before taking this medicine.
  • It is recommended that you wait at least 2 hours before or after taking this medication to consume any dairy products, tea, or coffee.
  • Consume good quality medicine and please please drink water at the same time. 
  • Try to take complete sleep after consuming the medicine.
  • Eat healthy food and avoid fast food.
  •  Stay stress-free.
Frequently Asked Question

Ques. Basic information about Ferrous Bisglycinate60mg+Folic Acid.1mg+Zinc Bisglycinate15mg+Methylcobalamin.500mc

Ans. This is a dietary supplement that helps to improve the production of new blood cells or hemoglobin. 

Ques. How many times can we consume this medicine?

Ans. You can consume this medicine once a day with a full glass of water. However, we always recommend to our audience to take advice from healthcare providers.

Ques. Bisglycinate60mg+Folic Acid.1mg+Zinc Bisglycinate15mg+Methylcobalamin.500mg is safe for womens?

Ans. Yes, this formulation is safe if you are consuming it in the correct direction. 

Ques. Who can use this medicine?

Ans. Both sexes can consume this medicine.

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